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It’s time to cancel the Stro Show, no?

I’m going to preface this with this:

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a big fan of Marcus Stroman.

He’s always been too much about “hey, look at me!”  for my tastes, this “I’m little and have to fight the system every step of the way with this giant chip on my shoulder” would be cute if once, maybe twice. I think he’s an opportunist who latches onto storylines and angles and friendships that last as long as they are beneficial to him. I know he’s petty and holds grudges and has treated friends of mine poorly and with disdain.

And, for full disclosure: The day he lamented what a hard day it was for him on the day Roy Halladay died was as intemperate and tone deaf a statement as is possible and when I called him out on it on the magical tweeter machine he blocked me, which had less than zero impact on my life.

I don’t, in any real way, find him a likeable human being.

So, that being that, there’s this:

Marcus Stroman is tiring and predictable and I refuse to believe he’s anything more than self-serving, he is entirely unentertaining and the quicker they move him, the better everyone will be.

That said, his tiny training camp “rant” on Sunday was hardly surprising to me, I cannot imagine it was in any way remotely surprising to anyone who’s had to cover him for any length of time. It was in part tiring, it was in part predictable that I don’t think the words “Blue” and “Jays” came tumbling out of his mouth.

My reaction part yawn, part disinterest, part “Stroman being Stroman.” Bo-ring.

But, regardless, it struck me as odd that anyone in the media would criticize him for speaking out, as predictable as his words might have been.

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